About us

About usMagical Morocco is an online non-profit travel-agency, owned by Hassan Hisse and Marjolein Mosmans. We started in 2015 and our aim is to show people from all over the world the beauty, wealth and magic of Morocco. The income generated via our trips will directly benefit the local Moroccan people that are involved in Magical Morocco. Guides, drivers, muleteers, cooks and their families; they will benefit optimal from your journey.

Morocco is a very wealthy country, with regards to nature, culture, climate and history. On the other hand; especially in the High Atlas mountains there is a lot of harsh poverty amongst the local people. We try to fight this via this travel agency. You can read more about our change over here.

Moroccan people are proud people. We want to show you how extremely diverse, fascinating and beautiful Morocco is; the different sceneries, the hospitable people and the warm atmosphere. People tell us often how amazed they are when they visit Morocco for the first time. Visiting Morocco with us will give you new views and perspective about a different culture and religion. We want to close gaps between people, culture and religions and we believe that visiting Morocco is a very enriching experience. We hope to show you some of this magic with our trips.

Magical Morocco is registered in The Netherlands as a part of AutomaMA B.V. Chamber of Commerce no 37116981

Hassan Hisse

About us - HassanHassan is an officially certified Moroccan (well, Amazigh aka Berber) guide (ID I647908). He guides international groups for over 6 years now, throughout all of Morocco. He is specialized in hiking in the mountains and through the desert. But he is also very familiair in the Moroccan cities.

People praise Hassan for his cheerful nature and his willingness to make people feel comfortable and enjoy their trip to the fullest. Hassan is very proud of his country and enjoys it very much to show people all the wonders and beauty of Morocco.tourists

Being an official guide in Morocco implies that Hassan had a thorough education on a lot of subjects and that the benefit and well-being of you -as tourist and visitor of Morocco- comes first.

Hassan quite regularely wears his traditional djellaba (the long dress). This is a pretty common in (the rural areas of) Morocco.

He speaks English, French, Arabic and Amazigh.


Marjolein Mosmans

About us - MarjoleinMarjolein lives in the Netherlands  and is really fond of  Morocco; the hospitable people, the climate, the lifestyle and culture. Morocco -to her- is a totally different and warm world, just a few hours flying from Amsterdam. Marjolein works in the IT. She loves making websites, the internet and connecting with people online.

Marjolein takes care of the website, communication and social media. The website is still work in progress so any feedback and comments is highly appreciated! (mail; info@magical-morocco.com).

Hassan and Marjolein met in Morocco. They kept in touch and decided to start Magical Morocco together.

 Our goal

The goal of Magical Morocco is;

  • Introduce people to beautiful and fascinating Morocco and show you Moroccan life, landscape, the culture and traditions.
  • Attribute in a positive way to a better world with mutual understanding between people of different cultures and backgrounds.
  • Provide extra income for local Moroccan/Amazigh people.

How we work

We always work with local people that we know and trust. Therefore we rely on a solid network of skilled drivers, muleteers/cameleers and cooks.

Next to that we try to make sure that the local, rural people benefit as well and we work in a sustainable way. We respect the people and the country and we take care of it. We love what Morocco has to offer and we hope we’ll can share some of our enthousiasm with you.

impression basic trips local people sustainableThe stays in our trip vary from standard (in the cities) to fairly basic (in the rural areas). In the rural areas living/housing/hotel standards are lower than western standards. As soon as you contact us about a trip we’ll provide you with more detailed information about your the practicalities.

All our hiking trips are with mules or camels (depending on the trip). The animals are treated well and it is a very nice and sustainable way to discover the country without having to carry your own luggage (oh and by the way; the local muleteers/cameleers, drivers and cooks are happy with the income as well!)

Are you looking for a private trip? We offer those as well. Just contact us and we’ll discuss your wishes and make you an offer.

Hassan pouring tea

Together we do everything we can to make sure that your trip is an unforgettable experience. We hope you’ll enjoy to explore Morocco as much as we do.



Hassan Hisse (mobile: +212 6 62 74 30 23  WhatsApp possible)
Marjolein Mosmans (mobile: +31 6 46 61 74 93 WhatsApp possible)